William G. Kennedy  

Ph.D., Captain, USN (Ret.)  




Associate Professor
Center for Social Complexity
Department of Computational and Data Sciences
College of Science George Mason University
Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Office: Research Hall rm 380
Phone: 703-993-9291
e-mail: wkennedy@gmu.edu


Welcome to my little lab ("MLLab.com")

As a brief introduction, became an Associate Professor at George Mason University in 2018 where I was research faculty for 10 years. I completed full careers in the Navy (30 years in the Submarine Service and the Naval Reserves) and with the federal government (Nuclear Regulatory Commission (10 yrs) then Department of Energy (15 yrs)). I earned a Ph.D. in Information Technology in 2003 (Artificial Intelligence) and retired from federal civil service two years later. I then did a 3 year post-doc at the Naval Research Laboratory in cognitive robotics, which changed my research interests toward Cognitive Science. My research is now in modeling our cognitive processes and modeling human behavior in agent-based models of small groups to societies. My research home is the Center for Social Complexity.